Design Partners: Lotus Design (Interior Architects)
Highlight: The first attempt to create a complete wellness experience within an urban hotel in India.
Brand Infinity Modules used: Tomorrow Product, Tomorrow Living, Tomorrow Experiences, Tomorrow Luxury

The Earthwise Group was asked to conceptualize a wellness experience for the major urban boutique hotel chain The Park Hotels. The project yielded a unique hospitality product in India (one of the first globally as well), to create a 360 degree wellness cocoon for the urban traveler. Every detail of the rooms, the common areas, the spas which fell into the wellness zone was expounded upon and brought into the design – working with leading architects Lotus Design. The wellness zone ensured an immersive 24-hour experience for the guest that was intended to be completely conducive from a physical, mental, and energetic standpoint. Sustainability measures were also adopted to comfort the guest further that their luxurious and comfortable dwelling was not harming the planet either. The pioneering project sought to give the client an edge in the industry as a favored destination for the international traveler as well as discerning domestic travelers.