Design Partners: Project 810 (Interior Architects)
Highlight: Pioneering project to build a fully integrated Ayurveda lifestyle store.
Brand Infinity Modules used: Tomorrow Product, Tomorrow Living, Tomorrow Experiences

NUVEDA was conceptualized by the Earthwise Group and developed with the Baidyanath Group, one of India’s oldest and most established Ayurveda companies. It sought to bring to contemporary life the essence of ancient Indian living. The retail concept and product mix was designed to have both a strong domestic appeal as well as an international one and was an attempt to create a global brand of Indian origin. Given the support of the promoting entity from the Baidyanath Group, the retail concept allowed for an in-house product mix that ranged from personal care and supplements to curative medicine. In doing so, the value proposition was very unique and catered to the discretionary inclination of the rising urban Indian.