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Our company background and intention

Our driving objectives and value system

Our strengths and industry focus

Our industry learnings and knowledge

Vision & Purpose


The Earthwise Group is an independent, private enterprise operating in the emerging conscious consumerism industry. It has a primary presence in India with an office in the United States. It was originally established in 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America.


Our vision is to help transform consumption towards conscious choices which are good for planet and people. We believe that this essential balance is the key to real sustainability and perpetual progress driven by individual purpose.


We exist to create new companies and enable existing companies that are part of the transformation towards a healthier and sustainable planet. We accomplish this by first aligning ourselves as individuals with an expanded purpose and then using our combined capabilities to make conscious enterprises successful.

Mission & Values


1. Deliver exceptional value to our clients by helping them to innovate and effectively reach the growing conscious consumer market.

2. Create exceptional value for our investors and partners by incubating and growing our group ventures through invaluable insights.

3. Participate with all stakeholders to help facilitate a global ecosystem that promotes sustainable and conscious capitalism.

Value System

At the Earthwise Group, our value system is the DNA which is embedded in everything that we do. To help our clients, partners, and other stakeholders understand our values more effectively, we have divided them into Individual, Collective, and Global.

Individual Values

Individual Potential

Nothing worthwhile is possible without enhancing human potential. We believe in encouraging everyone that engages with us, our associates, our clients, our partners, and others to nurture their innate potential so that the best that they have to offer can be of positive use to the planet.


A beating heart and compassion for all is the basis for a gentle and sustainable planet. We believe that our essential humanity lies beyond religion, caste, creed, race, and orientation and this humanity – when activated – is the most powerful force for good on the planet. It yields us the wisdom, humility, and purpose to affect change.


Nothing valuable can be created without integrity. Value beyond money, value beyond success and power comes from approaching everything we do with an impeccable and uncompromising sense of integrity and sincerity towards our cause.

Collective Values

Open Culture and Teamwork

We value people not by their credentials or their lineage, but by their sincerity, work ethic, capability, and contribution. Hence, we have a flat organization which encourages openness and rewards consensus building and teamwork.

Creativity and Innovation

Complex issues and vague patterns require fresh and bold thinking. We strive to create an environment where people are encouraged to think radically without judgment, and experiment without restrictions. We believe that a multifold of ideas and interventions are required to create effective solutions to our planet’s problems.

Refined Design

The relevance of design has never been as paramount as it is today. Design is not only relevant for aesthetics and communication, though we value that also, but it is also smart thinking, better engineering, and superior delivery. The design has arrived and lives at the core of what we do.

Quality and Excellence

Nothing can be effective unless it is under the constant watch of high quality and focus on excellence. We strive to deliver high-quality projects and grow companies that drive their product growth through an emphasis on quality and excellence.

Global Values

Collaboration and Synergy

We have taken on a large but worthwhile task of impacting positive change through enterprise and free markets. We are not cynical about business; in fact, we feel that business can be the quickest way to bring about real sustainability if it operates in a conscious manner. Hence, we believe that we need to collaborate and realize synergies with companies and stakeholders across the world in order to enable scalable and impactful market transformation.


We believe in taking responsibility for everything from the way we operate our office to how our clients and companies impact the planet and the people they engage. Hence, individual, social, and environmental responsibility is at the core of our functioning.

We aspire to deliver a better world for future generations.

Competency & Focus

Unique Strengths

The people associated with us along with our partners have diverse and eclectic, sometimes unconventional backgrounds! We think this diversity of thought, culture, and background, along with a balanced skill set is what uniquely positions us to approach complex problems with relative ease. We represent both the old world and the new one and are able to comfortably straddle between both. We also believe that a bright future for humanity will emerge from a convergence of Eastern Wisdom and Western Pragmatism. Our founder, directors, and partners are the bridge that can allow this desired reality to be created. We are both inspired and humbled by the opportunity to live in a time of great peril and great opportunity to bring about a new dawn for humanity.

Industry Focus

As a Group that is primarily focused on sectors with a direct impact on conscious consumers, we generally operate within the following industries: Consumer Products (especially Food and Personal Care), Retail & Wholesale/eCommerce, Real Estate, and Hospitality & Travel.

Founder & People

The Founder

The Earthwise Group was founded by Nitin Dixit. While Nitin finds his heritage in India, he is constantly exploring opportunities and studying developments in both the most innovative economy, the United States, as well as the fastest developing economy – Asia. Nitin feels that India has always been a soft superpower and wishes to contribute his understanding of this ancient culture and philosophy to bring insight into modern problems and help create great and purposeful enterprises. For a more detailed biography of Nitin, please contact us at


We have had the privilege of working with some of the best minds and hearts in the business. We are especially proud of our association with LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability), a focused industry association based out of the USA. We are active promoters of LOHAS in India.

We also work with very talented and progressive design agencies, architects, marketers, investment strategists and bankers, business visionaries, etc. on a project to project basis. For more information on our partners or for specific queries, please write to us at

Mentors and Advisors

Our mentors and advisors are luminaries from the industry and society. They include accomplished business people, revered leaders from society, and even enlightened yogis and sages! Their balanced and reasoned insights and judgment allow us to gain invaluable perspectives and focus on the task at hand.