Design Partners: Lotus Design (Lead Architect), Abhikram (Architecture Advisory), Codesign (Graphic Design)
Highlight: The first credible attempt to create a modern Indian villa community inspired by ancient Indian design and architecture philosophy.
Brand Infinity Modules used: Tomorrow Business, Tomorrow Product, Tomorrow Living, Tomorrow Experiences, Tomorrow Luxury

NITAI HOME was an ambitious attempt to meticulously design a completely sustainable luxury Indian villa or home. It was conceptualized and co-created by the Earthwise Group which worked with a design team that consisted of two of the leading architecture studios in the country – Lotus Design and Abhikram – as well as leading branding agency Codesign. Four unique home designs and plans were created, complete with a community hub/center and extensive integration of nature. Each home was designed as a hand-crafted masterpiece which takes on the personality of its owners. To date, no real estate development has matched the aspirations of this project. It is now available to be licensed to other real estate developers.